New Models 2020 Dodge Journey

Spy photos are already unveiling that 2020 Dodge Journey will suffer a redesign. Also, however, the vehicle will head to a new generation. The concept is prepared, it features fresh paintjobs, RT and SXT versions of Journey, and a lot more.

2020 Dodge Journey

On the flip side, it’s too early to speak about 2020 Dodge Journey release date. Rumors and data are more focused on details of the redesign. It’s been ten years since the arrival of the mid century SUV. Aside from the major update in 2011, the crossover had no big changes in the last few decades. Now, it’s time for the brand new, second creation. Also, we can expect to see that Fiat Freemont, Journey’s European god, to follow exactly the identical path shortly after.

The present generation is using dependable sources of electricity. Dodge and Fiat will rely on the 2.4-liter four-pot unit or bigger 3.6-liter V-6. However, diesels are not as popular in the united states today, but the FCA could risk and try to make a breakthrough with a few pruning.

Underneath the hood of this entry 2020 Dodge Journey, we will come across a four-banger. Later, we’ll discuss some surprises in the engine room, but all those rumors won’t alter the base engine to the midsize SUV.

It will be retuned 2.4-liter mill together with the output of approximately 180 horses. At precisely the exact same time, the drivetrain delivers 170 lb-ft of torque and fuel economy above 20 mpg in the city ride. On the highway, the newest 2020 Dodge Journey will do better than the current one (26 mpg). Engineers will fall the aged 4-pace transmission and set all engines using a 6-speed gearbox.

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2020 Dodge Journey Photos

The 2020 Dodge Journey will keep the V-6 engine which powered the prior generation of the SUV. This time, the drivetrain will gain at least 20 horses, which makes the crossover stronger. Complete output will probably be at least 305 hp, while the torque rating jumps to 280 lb-ft. Of course, the bigger unit is consuming more fuel to deliver extra power. With a two-wheel driveway, 2020 Journey is going to be able to return 22 mpg combined, and AWD remains around 20 mpg.

We already mentioned among the modifications for 2020 Dodge Journey. It’s a switch in the 4-speed to some 6-speed transmission for many versions. The redesign could include the addition of the bigger displacement. In Europe and other parts of earth, we could find Journey and Fiat Freemont riding a 2.0-liter MultiJet diesel powertrain. This engine is fantastic for 140 horses and 230 lb-ft of torque. As a petrol, it is going to bring all benefits of this a drivetrain. On the flip side, there are also downsides coming following large VW and Audi scandals.

Another big news is that FCA engineers decide to change from front-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive. Previous owners and fans of this Journey could take a while to get used to it. However, the power supply to rear axle will create this SUV less dependable on wet surfaces. On the other hand, the crossover is going to boost its towing and handling. An all-wheel drive remains the alternative. Also, the 4×4 style will probably jump in to assist RWD choice when required.

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2020 Dodge Journey Changes

Many changes are in the mix for the new 2020 Dodge Journey. To start with, upcoming SUV will utilize a new platform. Fiat and FCA will execute the Giorgio concept. And imagine which another vehicle in the family is using it besides Alfa Romeo Giulia? Yup, it is Stelvio. It warms up stories about the engine, as well as brand new styling.

2020 Dodge Journey Exterior

We’re sure the crossover will change its appearance. With more energy, Journey should add aggressiveness to its appearance. Lower ride, new bumpers, and headlights, additional options and colors will make the life a lot easier for this model. But, there’s absolutely no clear info about details, so we must wait to see the automobile without hefty camo to talk about the plan.

2020 Dodge Journey Interior

The first spy photos and renders can be found. However, neither of these unveil too much. Initial test mules are carrying just a few new components. These are covered by concealing panels. Even if we capture them now, it isn’t certain these parts will make its method for 2020 Dodge Journey. Renderings are showing some ideas of the upcoming crossover based on the present Stelvio and Giorgio platform.

2020 Dodge Journey Engine

Although these are just rumors, some of them are potential. However , if we have to rank the chance of 2020 Journey coming with an engine used by Alfa Romeo Stelvio, we won’t give it many chances. On the flip side, if the SUV includes a 2.9-liter turbo-six under the hood, buyers of this model can rely on 500 horses, at least. Additionally, the forthcoming platform of this 2020 Dodge Journey is capable to support this powertrain. This is the main actuality that keeps this idea alive.

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2020 Dodge Journey Engine

2020 Dodge Journey Release Date

The new 2020 Dodge Journey is not going to be available any time soon. During next year we will discuss more about specifics. At this moment, only the manufacturing move is sure. The forthcoming Journey is going to be constructed in Italy, instead of Mexico. The identical factory that delivers Alfa Romeo Stelvio will create Dodge’s SUV.

2020 Dodge Journey Cost ; One more thing that bothers fans and fans is the price. Also, moving production from Mexico to Italy will boost the price of delivery. What’s more, new generation and more power means we can’t count on $21,000 dollars cost tag decal that hangs out of the current motor vehicle. And ultimately, the Stelvio prices over $40,000 dollars. Journey is not going so high, but FCA isn’t going to market two similar crossovers, constructed on precisely the same platform, with this kind of a difference in cost. We expect the cost of 2020 Dodge Journey to leap, but estimations are still not accessible. However, this one needs ton’t top the worth of this flagship Dodge Durango model.

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