2020 Dodge Grand Caravan Release Date

The current generation of minivans may be affordable, but it certainly has too many weak points for some decent sales results. The reason is simple, no one wants a decade-old design, even if we talk about certain types of vehicles.

2020 Dodge Grand Caravan

Therefore, we have heard a lot of talk in the last few months about 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan and the complete future of the nameplate that has been on the road for almost 35 years. According to the latest report, the company is preparing a new smaller minivan, based on Chrysler Pacifica. However, it is still unclear whether a known signboard remains or we will get something new.

2020 Dodge Grand Caravan Exterior, Interior

A new Minivan from Dodge will definitely come, according to FCA officials. However, we will see it in a slightly different form, compared to the current version. It looks like the new model, which may have the same name and come as 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan, will be a kind of downsized Pacifica.

Chrysler’s new minivan works pretty well on the market, thanks to a modern platform and efficient machines. 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan will probably be the size of Pacific from Pacifica. In addition, it must be present in an entirely new style, something that will eventually replace the Dodge layout that currently looks ancient.

If we consider rumors of this downsizing as a certain thing, there is no doubt that there will be nothing “Grand” in the new Caravan. Most likely, it will be a two-row minivan, obviously not big enough to compete with models such as Toyota Sienna and Kia Sedona.

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However, it will come with a significant increase in interior quality, which currently lags behind all models in this segment. The features of old technology, low-quality materials, and a few more things are something that annoys these prospective minivan buyers, even though the price is quite attractive.

2020 Dodge Grand Caravan Engine, Specification

The current model comes with a powerful 3.6 liter V6, which produces around 280 horsepower. Obviously not lacking in power, but better fuel economy. Therefore, the new minivan must come with a newer version of this engine, which gives only a few more phones, but significantly increases fuel economy. If we consider that the new model will be smaller, lighter, the mpg rating must be better than Pacifica. The hybrid version also sounds very possible.

2020 Dodge Grand Caravan Release Date, Prices

Whether it’s using the same name or not, 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan will definitely be redesigned in one or two years. Considering a potentially smaller size, it can be cheaper than the current model, which is around $ 26,000 dollars in its basic version. Pros : Fully redesigned, ride is smooth, powerful engine, attractive price. Cons : Can be smaller and tighter than competitors.

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