2020 Dodge Cuda SRT Interior, Engine, Release Date

Rumors about the rise of legendary muscle cars were present for a long time. However, the latest seems much more likely. It looks like the iconic model will come back, and this comeback will include the high-performance 2020 Dodge SRT Barracuda version too.

2020 Dodge Cuda SRT

So far, there has been no official confirmation of new models, but a lot of rumors clearly indicate that something is cooking in Chrysler’s kitchen. Given that Plymouth is no longer there, the new version will be under Dodge emblem.

2020 Dodge SRT Cuda Exterior, Interior

Considering that the last Dodge SRT Barracuda was produced 45 years ago, we can legally say that this will be a completely new model. This gets greater confirmation if we consider that 2020 Dodge SRT Barracuda will get an attractive design solution, never seen before in any muscular car.

Looks like the new uda cuda will go up on the Italian platform. More precisely, it is the same architecture that Alfa Romeo uses for its model called Giulia. This platform has an RWD layout and that is definitely the most important thing in the whole story.

Also, this shows that the new 2020 Dodge SRT Barracuda will be slightly smaller than what we normally expect. This positions the new model under Dodge Challenger when it comes to size. Also, amazing for muscle cars, this platform will provide much better handling and driving dynamics, so the new Dodge SRT Barracuda will be more than just a fast straight line car.

2020 Dodge Cuda SRT Interior

Considering that the new v might not even be in 2020 Dodge SRT Barracuda arly stages of development, it seems that there is no point in speculating about interior design. However, we can make several predictions, assess on the platform.

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This platform clearly shows that the new model certainly won’t be too generous in terms of space. Also, “SRT” shows a lot of sporty details in terms of the visual appearance of the interior.

2020 Dodge SRT Cuda Engine, Specification

We finally got to the point. Unlike Giulia, the new 2020 Dodge SRT Barracuda will stick to Chrysler engine. This means some chassis modifications that will make enough space for large and heavy V8 units.

2020 Dodge Cuda SRT Engine

While Dodge SRT Barracuda base will probably come with a V6 engine, this special version is likely to feature a very large 6.4 liter unit, with a maximum power of 475 horsepower and 470 pounds of torque. This will make Dodge SRT Barracuda a real racing car, with respectable handling and lots of energy.

2020 Dodge SRT Cuda Release Date, Prices

When will the release date, sales, showroom and what is the price range? 2020 Dodge SRT Barracuda is still awaiting official confirmation. To be honest, there is a high probability that this model won’t even come. If that comes, the price of this particular version can range between $ 45,000 dollars and $ 50,000 dollars.┬áPros ; Exceptional handling and dexterity, legendary signboard, a powerful V8 engine. Cons ; Tight cabin, maybe it won’t come.

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