2020 Dodge Challenger Concept Car

2020 Dodge Challenger comes as a great sports car, one of the best in the sports car class and perhaps the longest sports version of the old fashioned model in this class. However, there are many speculations about the possible changes in this car, and we simply cannot confirm or deny any of them.

2020 Dodge Challenger

2020 Dodge Challenger Exterior, Interior

When it comes to the design of 2020 Dodge Challenger, there are not many expected changes in this car. However, recently deceased FCA manager Sergio Marchionne says we should wait for changes in the platform, but not in this version. Most likely is that it could come after 2021. This will be a significant change in the platform that was not changed a long time ago. However, since the car uses a large HEMI V8 engine, it could not be done on the current Alfa Romeo Giulia platform because it is smaller than necessary.

There are no rumors about 2020 Dodge Challenger cab, so we are not planning any significant changes in this area at all. The last model had a large sports cabin designed, with comfortable and spacious seats and a compact but attractive space inside the car. In terms of technology, there were things that we usually expect from these cars, with the obvious Vintage design of the dashboard. Maybe something similar that we should wait this time again.

2020 Dodge Challenger Engine, Performance

The most rumors about 2020 Dodge Challenger were on the engine that could be put under the hood of the car. Sergio Marchionne said that Challenger will surely use the Hemi V8 model, so there should be at least one version of it in the future version. However, this did not put us even closer to the possible clue on the engine in this car. If the new Challenger aims to compete with Ford Mustang GT 500 It must surely have 6.2-liter HEMI-litre gasoline model V8 with at least 700 horsepower-force steam. We also expect the engine drawn naturally in this version.

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2020 Dodge Challenger Release date, prices

Possible 2020 Dodge Challenger has certainly opened a great discussion about the future of muscle cars, especially those with old-fashioned and traditional design. However, if some of these rumors are true, Dodge Challenger continues with great design and offers more and more. On the other hand, there are people who believe that Dodge Challenger will not be made in the future, if this version is actually the last. Time will tell which of these rumors are true. When it comes to the price, the latest model has the base price of $27 000 dollars which grew up to an incredible $62 000 dollars. Don’t expect anything less than that for this model.

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