2019 RAM Rebel TRX Review, Specs, Price

This is about RAM brand vehicles, 2019 RAM Rebel TRX will be the most extreme Ram truck ever. As you know, the company presented a concept version of this model some time ago. So, it’s a matter of time when new off road monsters will hit the market. Considering that the new generation of the legendary 1500 series is on its way, it is quite clear which model will be the new version.

2019 Dodge Ram Rebel TRX

So, expect to adopt all new things to come, including new platforms, styles, and more. Of course, this is not an ordinary version of the truck. First of all, expect a lot of chassis improvements, and then new styling. Finally, there is a new machine to find its place under the hood. When it comes to launch dates, expect 2019 RAM Rebel TRX will arrive by the end of this year.

2019 RAM Rebel TRX : Design, Reviews

As we have already mentioned, 2019 RAM Rebel TRX will be based on the new generation 1500 RAM. Hoping to see all the new design solutions and technologies that were introduced with this redesign. This will be useful in many ways from the new platform. First of all, expect massive weight savings, and better overall driving dynamics. However, there are many more to come.

Compared to the basic version, this one will come with many modifications. First of all, there are changes to the chassis. Expect a lot of tweaks to parts such as suspension, brakes, etc. This version will be a real off-road monster, so expect a certain tire series. Finally, we will see a higher ground clearance, protection of the underbody etc. In addition to all these mechanical tuning, 2019 RAM Rebel TRX will also feature a unique visual appearance.

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2019 Ram Rebel TRX : Styling, Features

Another aspect where 2019 RAM Rebel TRX will be truly unique is styling. Compared to the basic 1500 model, it will come with many changes. Of course, basic shapes and style cues will still be there, but the overall look will highlight high ability characters from the truck. Many of these style changes will appear in front. For example, we will see a completely new front fascia, maybe made of black plastic, and a new bumper.

We can see some tweaks to the lighting group too. However, the most prominent ones may change on the sides and bottom of the truck. Of course, 2019 RAM Rebel TRX will have a much higher ground clearance. Expect to see unique fender flares, as well as various other body protection parts.

Inside, this truck will also have many unique details. Hoping to see new seats, some tweaks on the dashboard and instrument cluster, as well as a list of unique standard features.

2019 RAM Rebel TRX : Engine, Perfomance

This will be one of the most interesting aspects of this new truck. 2019 RAM Rebel TRX will adopt a new engine, never seen in this truck before. As you know, there are two Hemi units in the offer for the 1500 series. On the other hand, this machine will borrow a 6.2 liter Hellcat V8 from the legendary Challenger.

However, it will be tuned for a little. The version that drives this legendary horse car produces 707 horsepower. On the other hand, 2019 RAM Rebel TRX must be good for around 575, which is still an extraordinary amount. For comparison, Ford F-150 Raptor is good for around 450 horses.

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2019 RAM Rebel TRX : Release Date, Price

For the release date, 2019 RAM Rebel TRX will most likely come to market and there will be showrooms at the end of this year. However, still waiting for some more appropriate information. Price of 2019 Dodge RAM Rebel TRX sold for what range ? The base of Raptor model will cost around $ 50,000 and 2019 Dodge RAM Rebel TRX will cost more than maybe around $ 5,000 more than the price of Raptor model.

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