2019 Ram Rampage Review, Interior, Prices, Release Date

The market for selling mid-size trucks lives again in North America. so, 2019 Ram Rampage is on its way. After several years of stagnation, this segment is active once more. Even though large sized trucks are still undeniable when it comes to sales figures, there are many drivers who prefer something smaller. US manufacturers began offering these vehicles after several years of rest. Chevy Colorado was the first to return to the market, while the new generation Ford Ranger was on its way again. Logically, it’s Ram’s turn.

2019 Ram Rampage

The company will introduce new models. Medium sized trucks with high capability, but exceptional comfort too, are a priority for next year. This manufacturer is experienced in making large trucks, so there should be no problem developing a vehicle like this. 2019 Ram Rampage must come next year. A more appropriate date hasn’t arrived yet.

2019 Ram Rampage : Design Exterior

The arrival of new mid-size trucks is almost certain, but we are not entirely sure about the basic design characteristics. To remind you, the original Ram Rampage was produced during the 80s. However, it’s more than a truck, featuring a unibody platform and a small size. On the other hand, 2019 Ram Rampage is expected to compete with many medium-sized trucks on the market. To be quite capable, this model must use the classic body-on-frame platform.

Because Ram is part of the FCA, finding the perfect architecture should be much easier. According to several reports, the new 2019 Ram Rampage will use the same platform as the new generation Wrangler, which came recently. Because Jeep prepares an iconic SUV pickup version, everything must run smoothly. Joint ventures in these two brands can bring many benefits.

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2019 Ram Rampage : Styling Interior

Although in the early stages of development, we are quite sure how the 2019 Ram Rampage will be seen, at least in general. The new Ram 1500 is here, so we hope from medium trucks to adopt the same design language. Of course, there will be some special details, but the point will be almost the same. 2019 Ram Rampage may come with smaller dimensions, but the overall shape will resemble closely.

More precisely, it must be a Ram 1500 in a smaller package. On the other hand, interior design must be a little different. We expect to see a new dashboard design, which will be a bit more like a car, which is normal for this class. Finer lines and softer materials are some new things to come. On the other hand, expect full load of standard equipment, including the latest infotainment systems, etc.

2019 Ram Rampage : Engines, Diesel

We hope there is no surprise when it comes to powertrain. 2019 Ram Rampage will use the familiar FCA unit, at least two of them. The basic engine will be a Pentastar 3.6 liter V6 engine, with a maximum output of around 285 horses and 260 pound feet of torque.

Also, there is a great opportunity to see the new 2.0 liter four cylinder in the bid. This is a new engine from the manufacturer which is characterized by great efficiency. The total output is around 270 horsepower and 290 pound feet of torque. Both engines will come with a new 8 speed automatic transmission.

Some reports also suggest diesel engines in the offer. So, we can expect to see the 3.0 liter V6 already known from VM Motori, which produces around 260 horses and 440 pound- feet of torque.

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2019 Ram Rampage : Release Date, Price

When is the release date, marketing and being in the showroom of 2019 Ram Rampage must come somewhere next year, but we still don’t know the exact launch date. 2019 Ram Rampage base model must be around 20,000 dollars.

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