2019 Ram Power Wagon Reviews, Interior, Specs, Price

Latest generation of famous trucks is on its way. However, 2019 Ram Power Wagon must continue without greater changes. While the light Ram 1500 Duty model is almost ready, the heavy duty version is still under development. Recent reports indicate that the new generation of this variant will come over the next year. Considering that this particular model is actually a Ram 2500 model version, it becomes very clear that we will not see a bigger change for next year.

2019 Ram Power Wagon

In addition, 2019 Ram Power Wagon will most likely remain the same. There are two clear reasons. First of all, this version only came two years ago. In addition, we doubt that company engineers have time to care about this moment when the new generation is in the latest development. Speaking of the launch date, it must occur at the end of the year.

2019 Ram Power Wagon : Design Without Greater Changes

As we have mentioned, changes to 2019 Ram Power Wagon are not expected. This version will continue in the same way, as the company’s most capable truck when it comes to off-road drives. Compared to the rest of Ram 2500 lineup, this model comes with many more unique design characteristics.

You can easily see various style adjustments on it, which accentuate the character of off road trucks. However, the most important thing about this version is in terms of mechanical modifications. There are a number of significant chassis tunings, which are designed for better off road performance. It’s not just a bigger tire. There is a completely new suspension. Also, the chassis has been strengthened for a bit. In addition to all these visual and mechanical changes, 2019 Ram Power Wagon will also come with a list of unique standard features.

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2019 Ram Power Wagon : Interior Design and Equipment

Just as we mentioned, this version is far more different than the rest of the lineup. This can also be noticed inside. There are some unique details on the dashboard, but also a list of standard equipment that is quite unique. Some of the standard features that stand out are remote ignition, power adjustable pedals, front bucket place, and navigation system.

Also, rely on things like dual zone climate control, premium audio systems, 8.4 inches touch screens, etc. In addition to a long list of standard equipment, there are also a number of optional features that stand alone. For example, there are optional features such as crane mirrors, cargo cameras, preparation of fifth wheel trailers, off road tires, CD players and sunroof.

2019 Ram Power Wagon : Engine, Specs, Performance

Unlike most Ram 2500 models available in three powertrain variants, this one comes exclusively with the usual 6.1 liter unit. It features a maximum output of 410 horsepower and 430 pound feet of torque and comes in a pair with a six speed automatic transmission. With numbers like that, you can expect nothing less than an amazing show.

However, this machine is very thirsty, so don’t rely on good fuel economy figures. As we mentioned, another version is available with two additional engines in the bid. The basic model usually features a 5.7 liter V8, but there is also a 6.7 liter diesel engine offered.

2019 Ram Power Wagon : Release Date and Pricing

When is the exact release date, the sale and there are shows. 2019 Ram Power Wagon must come at the end of this year. Speaking of prices, we don’t expect change compared to the current model, which spends around the 54,000 dollar range. This can easily be the last year of model production because there is a redesigned version to come next year. This new model will come with a significant increase, so we can imagine how good the new electric wagon is. This model version will also come at the end of next year.

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