2019 Dodge Dart SXT Reviews, Changes, Release Date

The latest 2019 Dodge Dart SXT creates another opportunity in the market to try again to improve promotional figures. This model has actually never been liked in the US and your latest offer, which is allocated with the cheaper models offered, will not suggest a cheaper quality supply.

2019 Dodge Dart SXT

2019 Dodge Dart SXT

2019 Dodge Dart provides several changes when it comes to offering Stainless, Rallye, and Black designed for you to handle your car’s fashion. This review can help you get a better appearance on the latest Dodge Dart and find out whether it is still worth keeping for an additional period.

2019 Dodge Dart SXT Change

The most up-to-date 2019 Dodge Dart will continue with exterior design this year, although popular cars have a facelift after three or four years only on the market. We generally get identical cars that were originally released in 2012, with a big difference in simple leaves that include different exterior features and special badges with each other.

2019 Dodge Dart SXT, which makes the SE cut as base one, comes along with bi-work halogen headlamps, a “colored” crosshair and crosshair that includes the body, LED area taillights, bezel stainless headlamps and 16-bit lightweight aluminum tires that everything is contained in the usual settings.

2019 Dodge Dart SXT Exterior

2019 Dodge Dart SXT Exterior

The same applies to the inside of 2019 Dodge Dart SXT because the only significant difference is what the cut level chooses. Therefore, 2019 Dodge Dart SXT Sport model is available regularly with the Uconnect Bluetooth handsfree connector, air conditioning, SiriusXM satellite radio station with a free one-year monthly subscription, black Sedoso fabric car seat with beautiful mesh inserts, electric potential direction.

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Vehicle driver manual 6-way variable and front side passenger seats, energetic headrests, driver seat elevation adjusters, three rear seat mind restraints, floor units with included storage space, direct sun protection with makeup wall mirror, four speakers, Uconnect AM / FM / Discs, remote USB slots, satin silver move buttons, potential home windows with one-feel vehicle drivers, and a group of ordinary tools with a tachometer.

2019 Dodge Dart SXT Engine

Like the previous models, the 2019 Dodge Dart will be equipped with a variety of three engines. The selection was not affected effectively and we got the option between the 2.0-liter Tigershark, 1.4-liter turbo-four, and the larger 2.4-liter Tigershark.

Cutting 2019 Dodge Dart SXT Sport into a 2.0-liter edition of course plus it creates 160 horsepower and 148-pound torque, along with a six-speed manual transmission or six-speed automatic gearbox offered and EPA 25 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway .

2019 Dodge Dart SXT Price

When will the release date, sales, showroom and what is the price range? The release date of this model is in the first quarter of 2019 because 2019 Dodge Dart SXT starts to generate income early on. The price of the 2019 Dodge Dart SXT Sport discount is $ 17,995 dollars, the Dart Turbo is valued at $ 19,495 dollars when the GT Sport edition is presented at $ 20,995 dollars all as the MSRP base.

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